Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Roger's Doping Has Now Hit Pop Culture

It has become such a banal thing to admit Roger is doping, that I've seen references to it all over the Internet. Not only in the Comments sections of match reports, but also the subject matter has now been turned into an Animation Drama Series that is being produced by ATP bodies concerned about doping in Tennis.

This animation series concerns Roger attempting to use any kind of doping mechanism to defeat Rafa at the World Tour Finals and the Australian Open. Stan Wawrinka is also featured in the first episode of this Video series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFNQh2eQmxA


  1. I am a huge Federer fan. But after seeing the evidence posted here, I cannot deny it, he is a doper.

    He should be banned and stripped of all his titles and prize money.

  2. Is this an up-to-date clip? I remember watching such a video long time ago.

  3. I did the Lance Armstrong mini-series with Levi Leipheimer and Johan Brunyeel during the Tour de France. The characters are similar. Maybe you are thinking of that one?

    No, these are up to date. The references are all about Roger entering the World Tour Finals and having just lost to "Clownfils" in Paris.

  4. You should call yourself "CLOWNFILS" for making this dumb-ass video. Douchebag!

  5. A commentor, sara, says of RAFAEL NADAL:

    "Usually tendonitis in a young athlete and a sudden loss of verve hints at the end of exotic ‘juicing.’"

    Pulsating truth.

    Time to re-boost the juices, so NADAL declares himself "injured" to go for another round of out-of-competition juicing! He comes back and, voila! he is serving 20mph over the "serve speed limit" and running harder than ever before.

    Adios "tendonitis" (knee, shoulder, wherever), the JUICEMASTER-GENERAL OF TENNIS, Rafael Nadal, has an antidote for you! r-EPO blood infusion, and Dr. Fuentes' and Alberto Contador's most potent doses.

    Are the Tennis authorities paying attention? Why do they continue to allow Rafael Nadal to blatantly cheat? Why?

  6. "The Truth Shall Set You Free"17 November 2010 at 03:41



    passingshot permalink
    September 16, 2010 2:07 am
    Nadal has claimed knee injuries since 2005, when he first started wearing bandages when he played. As you correctly observe, his injuries have rarely if ever impeded his performance as a multiple grand slam winner and his twice having reached No.1 in the world. Has ever a chronically injured player had such a distinguished career?

    His latest knee injuries, which he says occurred in the clay-court season and troubled him at Wimbledon, were apparently “cured” after a few blood platelet plasma (BPP) treatments by a Dr Mikel Sanchez, a Spanish doctor. The treatments are apparently a means of trying to restimulate tendon growth, and remain somewhat controversial. The available medical literature says there is little evidence so far to support that BPP is any more effective than conventional treatments. James Blake has had similar treatment but without the same results as Nadal.

    It is now widely speculated that taking breaks for “injuries” is a way of undergoing cycling of performance enhancing drugs at the same time. That may explain the frequency of injuries, the almost miraculous recoveries, and greatly improved performance coming off injury. Contrast the experiences of Del Potro, Davydenko and Simon, who have all had sustained periods off the tour recently with injury and are struggling to regain any kind of form (even to play again in Del Potro’s case). This is much what you would expect in the case of genuine injury. But not so Nadal. He has played continuously through his injuries (Wimbledon last year the significant exception), his movement unabated, with only the shortest break off court, and after 5 years, when his tendons should be like shredded rubber, he is miraculously cured by a Spanish doctor’s intervention, just in time to claim a his career slam. Wonders we will never cease to behold.

  7. I can't believe you managed to get video footage of Federer confessing to doping! Surely this is the smoking gun at last.