Monday, 22 November 2010

14 Total Issues Identified for Serious Fed Doping Discussions

Final Poll Results on Federer Doping Issues Plus Other Issues Raised

1. The mononucleosis from 2008. It could have been just an excuse for the fact that he didn't take his special "Vitamins" and, obviously, was weaker than usual. Or from a completely different perspective, is Mono "The Smoking Gun" of PED use on the ATP tour since the percentage of players (recently Roddick) that get it is ludicrously high compared to the general population: it has been documented that overuse of EPO doping leads to Mono. 12 (27%)
2. His "lung infection" this year, which came right after winning a Grand Slam. Maybe he needed time to "cool off".  11 (25%)

3. The incredible dominance (92-5 win-loss record in 2006; 81-4 win-loss record in 2007). In order to be able to play and win so many matches in one year you need incredible stamina (ask Jim Courier). Players usually get tired at the end of the season; but Federer won almost everything, starting with the Australian Open and ending with the World Tour Finals. That's incredible. Between US Open 2006 and Indian Wells 2007 he didn't lose ANY match. 9 (20%)

4. Both of his parents worked in the pharmaceutical industry, therefore Roger could have access to the best products on the market.   6 (13%)

5. Suspicious bathroom breaks. Davydenko was dominating him at the AO this year, but after a few minutes Federer went to the bathroom and the things have changed drastically after that.   2 (4%)

6. In 2005 he had "foot injuries", which didn't stop him from winning Wimbledon or the US Open, but only stopped him from competing in Montreal and miss almost the entire indoor season. After that he had the best year of his career. Coincidence? 2 (4%)

7. Andy Murray beats Federer in best of 3 matches, but not in best of 5. Why is that? Federer is obviously more "prepared" for Grand Slams.   1 (2%)

8. In Rome 2006 he had a tough road until the final, he played many 3 set matches and despite that, he was able to play for more than 5 hours against Nadal and almost win the match (without having any day of rest before this match).   0 (0%)

Other Issues raised for Discussion:
1. Federer's improved movement since Wimbledon this year. Also, he has become a "Serving machine" with lousy groundstrokes since the U.S. Open, yet noone is accusing him of juicing up on his serve. His serving alone is winning him titles and he has been winning 90% of his First Serves with little rallies. This should be suspicious given recent photos. Notice the "Unbalanced Biceps" in photo to the left, typical of steroid atrophy in muscles not being used; in this case his left arm. 

2. High Altitude training that bikers generally use; EPO is most significant drug used in this type of training for stamina and endurance. Is Federer purposely doing High Altitude training to maximize the effects of the EPO he is using?

3. Roger's current run in 2010 - In the Slams he is now failing; non-Slams he made 7 straight finals in a row just before and after the U.S. Open. From 2007-2009 he was the exact opposite; he couldn't win outside the slams. Before 2007, he won non-slams and Slams. A coincidence or is it a new approach with his doping regime?

4. The "Lance Armstrong" political doping methodology: Play the Press for all they are worth to appear innocent stating you are a proponent of "anti-doping"; and then deceitfully take actions (or no actions at all) that contradict your words and promises and make these acts as invisible as possible. This is the "all words", but "no actions" methodology that allows blind followers to look up articles and end all critical assessment based on the Press.

5. Strength, stamina and lack of sweating (I've noticed that too): Signs of CERA or EPO? Playing 4 tourney's (non-slam) consecutively and making the Finals in all of them without getting tired.

6. The age factor and steroids. Almost every "end of their career" athlete in the Steroid era that had a late career resurgence has been linked to Designer Steroids.


  1. Do you really believe in everything you write?
    I mean some things are nothing but funny.
    It's ok, I like entertainment.

  2. @Anon at 14:42

    For the most part, it's Satire. :)

  3. Interesting to note that Roger Federer also scored an exceptionally low score on the IQ test they administer to all ATP Players. So the signs of mental weakness are definitely there; and doping is just too tempting for the mentally weak players like Fed.

  4. Well maybe Roger needs some time in jail and away from the ATP too. That seems to be the thing that makes most players realize playing in on the ATP tour is a privilege and not a right.

    Everything that has been reported about Fed is that he’s now a doper, treats his opponents like shit, etc. If Fed goes to jail, he will realize how easily it can be taken away from you and he will no longer be taking anything for granted.

  5. WOW, Listen to the Crash and Burn Here!

    I’ve never seen a player’s fanbase in such disarray. My thoughts, I love RF, but he clearly is wrong. He needs to learn how to win without doping. If he had just accepted some average seasons with 20 losses or so... But he just assumed he knew what he wanted to do. Then doping his body to stay competitive, that is just ridiculous!

  6. Anonomous at 16:19

    How can you blame us for being in disarray? the shit has officially hit the fan(s).

  7. Now, Let's Fantasize a Little Bit. Storyline of the Year???????

    Federer comes back, apologizes to everyone. ITF, ATP, other players, fans. Says he’ll work his tail off to earn another chance, even if nobody will ever trust him again. Roger sits out the Australian Open, allows Rafa to get the Rafa Slam. Then, Roger comes back and wins his 17th major, maybe at Wimbledon? Wouldn’t that be a great story????

    What more could he do to get another chance, is there anything?

  8. @Anon at 16:28

    Yes. Seen the movie. Got the T-Shirt. Ain't gonna happen.

  9. @Anonomous at 16:28

    Sure it'd be a fantastic story; but I wouldn’t want him gone because then he’d have proved to everyone here that he can't win without doping. And then winning Wimbldon when he's off the juice? Sadly, that’s not very likely.

  10. this is my viewpoint...

    Roger Federer still gives us the best chance as Fans to win major titles...he doesn't lose that often... Yes, he is immature and yes he may doping and cheating to keep his competitive advantage, but he gives us the best chance to win...and thats all i care about.....winning.

  11. I think RF needs to Hold a Press Conference Soon

    And he needs to be humbled. Apologize to everyone, give back his aura a little, he is not worthy. Let people know he’s still working on maturity, that he’s a work in progress. And then beg for another chance. That’s what would be best. That way, even if he’s done for the season, another chance may be come for him to redeem himself in the offseason. He does need to be humbled though.

  12. How many more chances would you give him? He has been doping for years. Fed is 29 years old. How long until he is no longer a work in progress?

    Hell, from reading this blog, I think the last time he played without doping was in 2002. He has no chance on the ATP tour to win anything if he isn't doping. Without the doping advantage, he's probably a Top 50 - 80 player at best. He probably doesn't understand or even remember how to play the game without being doped up.

    He's run out of chances. i have two RF caps too, but im already thinking about scraping the letters off both of them.

  13. Anyone else get the feeling that we're just seeing the beginning of this whole Fed "doping" fiasco? It feels like it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    What pisses me off the most Is that I defended RF to a big bunch of assholes who know nothing about anything, and now it’s impossible to defend him anymore.

  14. I've been seeing this coming for a while now, and I hoped I was making a mountain out of a mole hill... But Roger Federer is the new Lance Armstrong.

  15. I think the question we should all ask: Can we see Pete Sampras doing what Roger did? Doping to extend his career and keep playing a full-time season as though he was 22?

    do i have to say anything else?

  16. "Interesting to note that Roger Federer also scored an exceptionally low score on the IQ test they administer to all ATP Players. So the signs of mental weakness are definitely there; and doping is just too tempting for the mentally weak players like Fed."

    That said, yes, we all know Roger is not Novak Djokovic in the IQ department. But it is an advantage not to think too much too. But yeah, that could lead to some stupid doping decisions on Roger's part.

  17. Federer:

    Intelligent.... no
    Winner......... yes

  18. The EPO suppositories he got from Stan are working.

    I can't belive he can get away with this and nobody does anything in order to stop this cheater.

    It's a disgrace!! F**k you, ATP!

  19. Stan said they were the best East of the Rhine river. Roger is destroying the best players on tour. These suppositories, if I recall from the video dramatization, included EPO, IGF-1, designer steroids, psedophedrine, artificial food colors and flavoring, testosterone, heroin, jack, smack and crack.

    Wer're talking about an unbeatable cocktail combination. The O2 is going to be a boring coronation of the biggest cheat on the ATP once again. :(

  20. I think one side affect of those giant blue suppositories was that Roger wasn't going to have a normal gas in his intestines or be able to crap normally until halfway through 2012.

    Did anyone who attended the O2 today notice any strange smells in the air?

  21. And I guess the rocket fueled roids Roger gave Team Roddick did their job too:

    Roddick did not get humiliated by Rafa. He lost due to his mental weakness; but that was never in doubt. But at least he wasn't humiliated so Brooklyn Decker can continue to get ther cameo match photo shots.

  22. Roddick failed to blow Rafa into a bloody pile of confetti though. That was his mission. Did he chicken out? Did Brooklyn Decker betray him and is she looking for a Divorce and sizable Divorce check?

    Fed is in the Semis of the WTFs now. It would appear that noone can stop him with the Super Doping PED suppository Stan gave him.

    Rafael Nadal, is once again called upon by all that is good in the world, to stop this depraved megalomaniac from taking over the World and allowing evil to run amok. Can the humble one succeed one more time? Stay tuned.

  23. All of your reasoning for Fed being on roids is speculation, did you ever think he actually trains hard and has a great natural ability as well? I love how you defend Rafa as if he the savior of tennis when he displays characteristics of someone who dopes as well, have you ever looked at the "Unbalanced Biceps" of Rafa? By the way most serious tennis player have this effect. I'm not saying it is impossible that he is doping, but your points are rubbish.

  24. As a Federer fan, I am so disappointed to find out he is drugged up to his eyeballs. I can't argue with these well-documented facts and research. For shame, Roger.

  25. yeah man but i don't think roger or anyone is immature is j8ust that he shows his frustrations now when isn't dominating anymore. but you know all this is just speculation. i mean so what he takes bath brakes? he doesn't takle more than 1 in an entire match. i have a pee problem i would probably go every single set . that doesn't proove anything

  26. This is got to be the most ridiculous accusation ever. Hope Roger Federer sues your ass of. Other than that, the ones with low IQ's are people believing this nonsense and of course the writer. Don't hate on the best the tennis sport has ever had!

  27. I can only laugh at all the retarded people who watch the world through their pink glasses.
    You need to wake up and face the truth.
    And the truth is that there is not a single professional sportsman on this planet who doesn't use steroids.
    Even professional chess players use psycho pills to enhance their mental performance.

  28. You must be out of your mind by writing all these nonsense bullshit.first look at your favorite player raFAIL kneedal's stupid excuses and big muscles then write such is a shame i read all these nonsense

  29. Patrick McEnroe called Nadal "the Lance Armstrong of tennis. LOL.

  30. Can't believe Federer was doping all these years.
    Truly shocking.
    As a Roger fan, I felt devastated after seeing the evidence.
    I feel like crying.
    When Roger loses in important finals, I get so upset.

    I believe all the top players in tennis(Nadal, Novak, Murray, Stan ), athletics etc are doping. Only in Chess, I think there won't be doping cheats.
    I was stunned by the 7th evidence in which Murray never beats Roger is five-set match. I recall in the 2012 OLYMPICS, where singles match is best of 3 sets. Only in the finals it is best of 5 sets. The final was Murray Vs Roger. Newspapers & television channels reminded Murray had never beaten Roger in 5-sets match. Murray won the match in 3 straight sets.Now I understood why Murray could not beat roger in best of 5 sets earlier. Also the 4th evidence of Federer's parents working in pharmaceutical industry shows he could easily get the best "Vitamins" in the market.

    I believe Federer IS and WILL be suffering from health problems.

    Keep up the work ! Tennis needs people like you. Don't stop exposing doping cheats.