Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Doping Cheat Roger Federer Gets Further Exposed

Few publications deliver the credibility needed as the London Times. The latest and exclusive interview that the they had with disgraced Tennis Star Christophe Rochus exposes the systematic doping practices of himself, Roger Federer, Stanislaw Wawrinka and sundry in the past Grand Slams. Along with it comes some unexpected chills. There is the shocking revelation about aspects such as Federer selling FederBears to raise money for doping (see more here), married man and father Federer going out to strip bars for years with his cocaine indulging friends, how team helpers got rid of blood bags with fresh EPO for Fed by flushing them down the toilet, how doctors "prepared" Roger for his roboticly juiced and boring performances, so and so forth.

You may accuse me of acting on sound bites but I'm no fool when it comes to "blindly taking faith" when reality is fraud, whatever the business maybe. People have lost dignity and their self respect in the quest for money and glory, be that in tennis, soccer, baseball or the corporate business world.

Sometimes I wonder, is it truly a Western phenomena that shady individuals get to write books about their "great victories" or do reality shows on television, and then stand to make unimaginable sums of money by defrauding people? When in trouble, they are able to hire expensive lawyers who are experts by training at poking holes in stories to help their disgraceful clients get away. To cushion against a fall from grace at any time, among their insurance policies are forming relationships with big political names, giving generously to charity and using social media to deliver propaganda.

The die-hard Fedtards who sit blindly and accept such behavior are arguably immoral themselves or plainly unable to exercise their own brains. Their excuses for continuing to support this idiot is : "there is no proof", "this is hearsay", "he's inspiring", "he's done so much for this cause" and so on. Sadly, common sense is rare and that has been a constant since the Neanderthal man.

A great person once said that history is written by the victor. The one who is smart and cunning, who wins and has the money, who is extremely powerful and has a throng of followers around them, who can literally decide your fate if you turn your back on them...these are the people who have the muscle to bend a true story to their liking and ultimately to their advantage.

It's all too easy to be star-struck watching the hundreds of video clips of Roger Federer on Youtube. Its easy to buy a bunch of cheap merchandise dreamed up by him and his lieutenants and believe what he invariably asks you to slurp in. And it's easier conforming with the religious fanatical cult Fedtard fan following based around him and his "brand" and do exactly what they're all doing.

But it's difficult to go out against the tide and exercise some independent critical thinking skills to challenge the root of the system. We're often times lazy to explore or plainly just narrow minded to accept the other half of the story. When we believe in something, we fix it in our world view and build castles around it to protect it. But if castles are built on loose foundation, like the story of the man who built his house on mud, it will topple sooner or later. When it crashes down, that will be a mind-blowing experience. Fedtards are starting to wake up to a nightmare.....Roger Federer has been the biggest doping fraud in Tennis History.

Monday, 29 November 2010


Roger Gloats About Doping, Cheating and Winning the ATP Finals Title

"Doping for Glory: The Roger Federer Story - Episode 7" - On the train ride back to Basel with Mirka, Roger celebrates and reflects on how he was able to dope utilizing every performance enhancing drug currently banned by the ITF. He is joyful that he got away with it, and won the World Tour Finals by being the world's best doper and cheater. The World is now in his hands.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Fedtards Furious Over New SW19 Statue Debuting at O2

Statue of Nadal Holding Slain Head of Fed - A Monument to Anti-Doping

"Cheaters Never Prosper" by Takashi Murakami
London (November 26, 2010)
By Nicola Hebden

A statue that is due to be showcased at Wimbledon in 2011, is causing an uproar at its unveiling at the O2 in London this past week. The statue of Rafael Nadal, who defeated Roger Federer at SW19 once again this year, is a modern take of a 16th century work by Benvenuto Cellini depicting Perseus holding the head of Medusa. The statue is reportedly "a Monument and tribute to a clean player defeating a notorious doper in recent years after first dealing with adversity and close defeats during his first few years at Wimbledon", according to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The sculpture is sardonically entitled "Cheaters Never Prosper".

Nadal won three Grand Slams this year, including Wimbledon for the 2nd straight time he has played it. Although he skipped Wimbledon in 2009 due to a major injury, he also defeated Federer at SW19 in 2008;  completely outclassing a doped up Roger Federer intent on winning on the sacred Tennis grass by any means necessary. The tournament that Federer once claimed as "my tournament" is now dominated by Rafael Nadal. Good has finally defeated evil.

However, outraged Fedtards are due to demonstrate outside the O2 arena tonight blindly defending Roger Federer, the most juiced up doper to ever play at Wimbledon; and this year's astonishing success out of nowhere at the World Tour Finals in London proves the 29 year old star is still doping more than ever for the Year End Championships (YEC). Once again, it is up to Rafael Nadal to save the sport and defeat Federer in the Finals, probably in a much anticipated match on Sunday.

Nadal has cleaned up the sport and has taken out the controversial "juicer and doper" Federer on the big stage time and again, but Fedtard advocate Jenny stated: "Nadal has never looked match sharp! He has never been a skilled player. His yesterday's win is typical of how he wins almost every tournament, every slam! Always struggles but gets through despite his loopy BH and FHs. It was Djoko's job to hit pass him."

"For the second time in two years, the management of the O2 has caused uproar by displaying garish modern art – this time by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami – in the ornate halls and gardens of the O2." A petition appealing to Chris Kermode, the director of the O2, has been made not to "shatter the image of Roger Federer in Tennis", and has almost 2,000 signatures.

However, a counter movement in support of the statue currently has 50,000 signatures. "The fans are tired of doping cheats like Fed who stick around for decades disgracing the support", Kermode matter of factly stated. "Rafael Nadal is a Champion to the people who are crying out for a clean sport and who have been crying out for this over the hill doper from Switzerland to be out of the game as soon as possible."

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Edberg Award: Fed Alienates Peers with Doping & Assassination Attempts

Rafael Nadal dedicates his Stefan Edberg Award to "All the Bitter Fedtards"

Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy you little baby.
When you wake, you shall have cake,
And all the bitter little Fedtards.
Blacks and bays, dapples and greys,
Go to sleepy you little baby,
Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby,
When you wake, you shall have,
All the bitter little Fedtards.
Way down yonder, down in the meadow,
There's a poor wee little lamby.
The bees and the butterflies pickin' at its eyes,
The poor wee thing cried for her mammy.
Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy little baby.
When you wake, you shall have cake,
And all the bitter little Fedtards.
Doping For Glory: The Roger Federer Story Episode 6:
Despite the enormous success of Stan's Super Doping Suppository towards Roger's advancement in the World Tour Finals in London, the other half of their evil plan to elimininate Rafa Nadal failed miserably as Roddick chocked both in the match and in his assassination attempt. Roger is now struggling not so much on the court, but in the bathroom, due to power of the Super Dope Suppository. Stan wakes Roger knowing that he must take responsibility for Rafa again, and freaking out about it after Rafa goes to 2-0 in the WTFs.
Roger, having lost the confidence of all players on tour, due to Rafa winning the Stefan Edberg award, and worried that his incessant bathroom breaks are upsetting his tennis game, is also angry about Rafa's continued dominance. Despite the immediate success of their evil doping schemes, Stan and Roger must plot again to wipe out the obvious signs that Roger is in danger of losing everything to Rafael Nadal.

Monday, 22 November 2010

14 Total Issues Identified for Serious Fed Doping Discussions

Final Poll Results on Federer Doping Issues Plus Other Issues Raised

1. The mononucleosis from 2008. It could have been just an excuse for the fact that he didn't take his special "Vitamins" and, obviously, was weaker than usual. Or from a completely different perspective, is Mono "The Smoking Gun" of PED use on the ATP tour since the percentage of players (recently Roddick) that get it is ludicrously high compared to the general population: it has been documented that overuse of EPO doping leads to Mono. 12 (27%)
2. His "lung infection" this year, which came right after winning a Grand Slam. Maybe he needed time to "cool off".  11 (25%)

3. The incredible dominance (92-5 win-loss record in 2006; 81-4 win-loss record in 2007). In order to be able to play and win so many matches in one year you need incredible stamina (ask Jim Courier). Players usually get tired at the end of the season; but Federer won almost everything, starting with the Australian Open and ending with the World Tour Finals. That's incredible. Between US Open 2006 and Indian Wells 2007 he didn't lose ANY match. 9 (20%)

4. Both of his parents worked in the pharmaceutical industry, therefore Roger could have access to the best products on the market.   6 (13%)

5. Suspicious bathroom breaks. Davydenko was dominating him at the AO this year, but after a few minutes Federer went to the bathroom and the things have changed drastically after that.   2 (4%)

6. In 2005 he had "foot injuries", which didn't stop him from winning Wimbledon or the US Open, but only stopped him from competing in Montreal and miss almost the entire indoor season. After that he had the best year of his career. Coincidence? 2 (4%)

7. Andy Murray beats Federer in best of 3 matches, but not in best of 5. Why is that? Federer is obviously more "prepared" for Grand Slams.   1 (2%)

8. In Rome 2006 he had a tough road until the final, he played many 3 set matches and despite that, he was able to play for more than 5 hours against Nadal and almost win the match (without having any day of rest before this match).   0 (0%)

Other Issues raised for Discussion:
1. Federer's improved movement since Wimbledon this year. Also, he has become a "Serving machine" with lousy groundstrokes since the U.S. Open, yet noone is accusing him of juicing up on his serve. His serving alone is winning him titles and he has been winning 90% of his First Serves with little rallies. This should be suspicious given recent photos. Notice the "Unbalanced Biceps" in photo to the left, typical of steroid atrophy in muscles not being used; in this case his left arm. 

2. High Altitude training that bikers generally use; EPO is most significant drug used in this type of training for stamina and endurance. Is Federer purposely doing High Altitude training to maximize the effects of the EPO he is using?

3. Roger's current run in 2010 - In the Slams he is now failing; non-Slams he made 7 straight finals in a row just before and after the U.S. Open. From 2007-2009 he was the exact opposite; he couldn't win outside the slams. Before 2007, he won non-slams and Slams. A coincidence or is it a new approach with his doping regime?

4. The "Lance Armstrong" political doping methodology: Play the Press for all they are worth to appear innocent stating you are a proponent of "anti-doping"; and then deceitfully take actions (or no actions at all) that contradict your words and promises and make these acts as invisible as possible. This is the "all words", but "no actions" methodology that allows blind followers to look up articles and end all critical assessment based on the Press.

5. Strength, stamina and lack of sweating (I've noticed that too): Signs of CERA or EPO? Playing 4 tourney's (non-slam) consecutively and making the Finals in all of them without getting tired.

6. The age factor and steroids. Almost every "end of their career" athlete in the Steroid era that had a late career resurgence has been linked to Designer Steroids.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Roddick Begs Brooklyn to Do Roger's Dirty Work

"Doping for Glory: The Roger Federer Story - Episode 5": At Roger's bidding, Roddick begs his wife, Brooklyn Decker, to carry out the evil Swissman's plot to rid the ATP of the Rafa menace. Roddick has to persuade Brooklyn and face the fact that despite all the PEDs Roger gave him to salvage some dignity at the YEC, he is still a weak fading star, and puddy in the hands of the evil Swiss maestro.

Federer Loses Stefan Edberg Award Due to Doping; Nadal Wins Sportsmanship Award

AP Wire

Federer and Fedtards are a disgrace to the sport


Spaniard Rafael Nadal receives Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award

Ending Roger Federer's six in a row streak, Ranked no. 1 in the World,  Spain's Rafael Nadal won the Association of Tennis Professionals tour's Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award for the first time in his career. Why did Roger Federer lose for the first time in 6 years? Most players who were asked that question summed it up in one word: "Doping". One top ten player cited a different reason. He stated that Roger Federer "is an asshole".

Upon winning three of the Grand Slam tournaments played in the year 2010, tour players voted for Nadal resulting in him getting the award.

Nevertheless, the Swiss man Roger Federer won the popular player on tour as he won the Fan favorite award for the eighth time entirely due to Fedtards cheating and voting 100+ times via Facebook:

Originally Posted by Rose
guys i know Roger doesn't need this but if you would you could vote more than 1000000000000 time for Roger for the Fan-Favorite award, just change the email address with any other email and vote over and over again as they don't confirm the vote by mail

I've voted for Roger more than 100 time already

16 day to go

Federer cheats and dopes his body to the gills and his fans follow his ruthless and putrid example.  No wonder Rafa won the award voted on fairly by the players.

As for Federer, the professional does not seem to want anything more but to be back on top, getting the World no. 1 rank back from Nadal, by any means possible, including doping his body with every PED currently banned by the ITF.

In regard of the ATP London Masters that loom, Roger stated, "Sure, it's going to be challenging. It's going to be very difficult because Rafa is playing well and I have to defend my points in Australia and he has no points to defend here in London. That's why I've been doping...uhhh...I meant training so hard. Shit! Can you ignore what I just said?! Fuck you, then!"

As for Nadal, the Spaniard seems to be all set to battle it out at the ATP London Masters this year. Dismally, Rafa left London last year with three loses without winning a single set in the initial few rounds. In reference to last year, the professional exclaimed, “I’ll try my best to change the situation this year. Last year was bad. This tournament is a more difficult one for me because of the surface, because of the opponents, I am not out for revenge, but I’ll try to do better this year.”